GangDe Industrial,  We Provide the global Metallurgical industry with an overall solution for the processing and manufacturing of superhard, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant metal materials.





Our main products are as follows:

  • CNC Machine Series:



CNC Turning Machine

1. Mainly machining high precision and high hardness products such as HSS/ carbide rolls, Bearings and oil cylinders.

2. Turning instead of Grinding, the roughness can reach Ra0.2.

CNC Notching&Logo Machine
CNC Machine Center
  • Roll:



HSS Roller

We are the supplier of Danieli with HSS Roller and Cement Carbide Rings.

HSS Roll Working layer of each roll≧45mm.

One groove capacity can reach 3000 tons and reduce the machining & grinding amount of TC rings.

Cement Carbide Roller(T.C. Rings)
  • Machining Tools:



PCD/CBN Tools Inserts

1. Creating unique solutions that push the use of PCD and PCBN tools to the max limit.

2. We are accepting by international steel factories for the Turning or Notching or Marking on the carbide rolls and HSS Rolls.


Notching Inserts
Non-standard PCD Tools

Based on our experiences of supply services for global steel indstury for more than 16 years,  we know very well how to help and support steel plants to reach the below targets:

  • With our experience of years’ production (the raw material – cobalt powder is completely produced by us), as well as the use experience by our customers, we can customize the Grade of tungsten carbide roller ring for your production line.
  • Increase the steel capacity;
  • Improve the machining efficiency;
  • Save purchasing cost and time.

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China Factory Office:

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