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MFX Series CNC Turning Lathe

MFX series inclined bed CNC lathe adopts 45° inclined bed hard rail gear box spindle transmission structure, which strengthens the rigidity, precision and stability of the machine tool. This model is suitable for high hardness and high hardness such as cemented carbide, oil cylinders, valves, and bearings. For the machining of precision parts, some parts can achieve the machining effect of turning instead of grinding, and the roughness can reach Ra0.2.

MF Series Largest CNC Heavy Duty Roll Turning Lathe

The MF series heavy-duty horizontal CNC Roll Turning lathe adopts a floor-standing integral bed, a high-precision and high-load-bearing headstock, a widened hard guide rail and a heavy-duty tailstock design, which enables the machine tool to have high rotation accuracy, high motion accuracy, and high load-bearing capacity. It can be widely used in finishing and rough machining of large and heavy parts. Such as cast rolls, large oil cylinders, train axles, wind power parts, breaker cylinders and intermittent turning parts.

MFW Series Flat Bed Small Economical CNC Machining Lathe

The MFW series flat bed CNC lathe is a small economical CNC machining lathe. The design of the multi-stage gear transmission type headstock and hard rail greatly improves the rigidity and output torque of the machine tool. It is suitable for processing various shaft and disc parts, and has the characteristics of reliable structure, convenient operation and high degree of automation


In the size range of6-50mm,reinforced concrete hot-rolled with rib rein-forced steel roll crescent slot, such as high rib groove processing applies to CNC roll milling machine series for the crescent.

MFVC Series Vertical Machining Center

The MFVC series is a vertical machining center with unique market characteristics developed by our company. This machine tool is widely used in parts processing in auto parts, molds, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic tool exchange system. The parts can be processed in multiple procedures after one clamping. It has the advantages of good rigidity, high degree of automation, strong reliability, and simple operation.

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