Composite Tungsten Carbide/WC Roller

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Cemented carbide composite roll is mainly used on the finishing mill for bar, deformed steel bar and common wire. In this wya, we can greatly reduce the frequency of changing groove and roll, thus to reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency. The surface quality and yield shall be improved to a maximum degree, which leads to a remarkable economic benefit. Our cemented carbide composite roll adopts a special grade of cemented carbide. 

External diameter(mm)




Rolling size(mm)


Grade Chemical Composition Physical Mechanical Properties
Wc Co/Ni/Cr Density




Transverse Rupture Strength


MF20F 80 20 13.5 83 2650
MF25F 75 25 13.1 81 2600
MF30F 70 30 12.6 80.5 2580
MF32F 68 32 12.5 79.5 2400

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