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MFWO1 is a new Type of material developed by our company for wire rods’s finished frame and pre-finished frame and the hardness is HSD82~88. The product has good abrasion resistance, abrasion uniformity and good impact resistance, no spall phenomenon, good thermal fatigue resistance and is easy to process. In the rolling process, the pass type is almost unchanged, which can effectively control the negative tolerance of the rolled products, the surface quality of the material is good, and the requirement for cooling water is much lower than that of cemented carbide. The single groove average steel quantity can reach to 3~5 times of the high nickel-chrominum roll, the total steel quantity can ensure an average of 4 times, and can be used continuously 1~2 classes for changing the groove, which effectively improves the continuous operation time of the mill.




78-88 HSD


Barrel Hardness

Harness Uniformity

Roll Neck Hardness

Tensile Strength

78-88 HSD ≦3 35-45HS ≧450MPa

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Kocks Rings


Seamless Steel Pipe Rings


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